Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, June 2024, Pages 1-200 
Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus: Epidemiology, Types, Global Response and Future Prospectives

Pages 29-41

Menna Ramadan Shabana; Azza Salamony; Nooran S. Elleboudy; Khaled M. Aboshanab

Chemobrain: Insight the possible mechanisms of action induced by chemotherapeutic agents.

Pages 59-75

MennatALlah Mahmoud Hassan; Sara A Wahdan; Reem Nabil Elnaga; Tamer Mohamed Abdelghany; Ebtehal El-Demerdash Zaki

Different Therapeutic Modalities for management of COVID-19

Pages 76-108

sara samir mohamed elmenshawy; Mohamed Farouk Ahmed Abdelsalam; Tarek Refaat El Nagdy; Mohamed Abdel Salam Elgohary; Nagwa Sabri; Amal Elkhouly

A Comprehensive Review of the Pathophysiology of Depression

Pages 122-132

Mariam A. Fouad; Mariane G Tadros; Haidy E Michel

Advances in non-Hydroxamate based Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents

Pages 133-145

Nadine Wafik; maiy Y. Jaballah; Rabah A. T. Serya; Khaled A. M. Abouzid

The Protective Properties of Luteolin: A Comprehensive Review

Pages 163-176

Rasha D Abdrabou; Rania M Salama; Reem N El-Naga; Samar S Azab