Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2018, Pages 54-120 
Prevalence of carbapenem resistance among multidrug-resistant Gram-negative uropathogens

Pages 70-77

Ann A. Elshamy; Khaled M. Aboshanab; Mahmoud A. Yassien; Nadia A. Hassouna

Quality Assessment methods for Ginger (Zingiber officinale): A review

Pages 78-96

Mai T. Abdo; Haidy A. Gad; Sherweit H. El-Ahmady; Mohamed M. Al-Azizi

Antiviral, cytotoxic, antioxidant and anti-cholinesterase activities of polysaccharides isolated from microalgae Spirulina platensis, Scenedesmus obliquus and Dunaliella salina

Pages 121-137

Abdel Nasser Singab; Nabaweya Ibrahim; Abo El-khair Elsayed; Waled El-Senousy; Hanan Aly; Asmaa Abd Elsamiae; Azza Abdelmageed Matloub